Ingredients you won’t find
in Slim&Firm are:
phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, propylene glycol, triethanolamine,
isopropyl alcohol, pegs, deas,
edtas, mineral oil, petrochemicals, artificial colours, artificial fragrances or genetically modified.

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Slim & Firm Waistline Cream is packed full of quality ingredients each with targeted properties to help provide toning and firming of skin, cellulite and fatty tissues, targeting stubborn areas such as the waist.

Amy Houlihan, Beauty Editor, Womans Day

“It helps tone tighten and remove centimetres and is a fabulous quick-fix for that figure hugging dress.”

Fiona Hawtin, Beauty Editor, Fashion Quarterly

“Imagine this: Rubbing a cream into a problem area and watching it firm up. The French woman’s preferred method of getting ready for summer.

Lisa O'Connor, Trim n Tone Toning Studio

"I own and run a successful weight loss and toning studio. I have come across many products which claim to perform miracles and can honestly say I have only found a few.  The Slim and Firm Cream is a standout product which does what it claims.  Many of my clients want a quick fix and now thanks to Slim and Firm we can offer it!!

Slim and Firm has filled a void in our services and has made a considerable profit for my business.  Our clients have lost between 3 and 11 centimetres in one 20 minute session.  They have been thrilled with the results they have achieved in the studio and at home.  In fact, it has been difficult to keep up with the demand for stock.  Slim and Firm is a product that sells itself and unlike many other creams, it actually does what it claims.  I highly recommend every business try it, especially if you are in business to make money and get results for your clients."

Easy Application

The treatment combines Slim&Firm Waistline Cream with a massage technique for a quick fix, to target stubborn areas of the body, providing measurable results quickly.

Slim&Firm is manufactured in New Zealand by a 100% certified organic laboratory using natural ingredients including essential oils and pure extracts.

Trial Results

In a recent trial 20 volunteers were measured across three waistline tape points before and after a 20 minute session.  The average loss achieved was 6.125 centimetres.

Home Use

For home use, Slim&Firm can be applied after showering with a massage technique. There is no difference in the strength of the ingredients. Trials have shown that results achieved over 14 days will be similar to those in one to two clinic sessions.

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